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Mindset Performance Coaching


Adriana Beck

Mindset Performance Coach

National Gymnastics Judge

Former Gymnast on the National Venezuelan Team

Spencer Guthrie

Mindset Performance Coach

Former Competitive Gymnast Texas Woman's University Team


For Athletes & Performing Arts


The pressures of competing on any level in any activity or sport can become an immense undertaking on both the child(ren), parents and the family.  Mindset Performance Coaching addresses all of those needs.

Mindset Performance Coaching is an effective form of counseling tailored for athletes to help them remove mental blocks, calibrate their emotional health, and help maintain a healthy approach to training.

We have multi-faceted counselors and coaches with extensive knowledge and personal experience as gymnasts, personal trainers and professional athletes.

Coaches typically focus on the physical side of sports, while Counseling focuses on athletes minds. We have a unique program for sports organizations/teams, gyms and dance studios. We also work individually with families and their athlete.

Program Highlights

  • Enhanced performance

  • Help balance family dynamics

  • Various mental strategies, such as
    visualization, self-talk and relaxation
    techniques, can help athletes overcome
    obstacles and achieve their full potential

  • Cope with the pressures of competition

  • Deal with pressure from parents, coaches or
    even their own expectations.

  • Recover from injuries: help tolerate pain,
    adhering to their physical therapy regimens
    or adjusting to being sidelined.

  • Keep up an exercise program and increase

  • Develop positive body image

  • Overcome mental blocks (learn skills fast)

  • Nutrition education and monitoring

  • Emotional support

  • Build confidence

  • Overcome performance anxiety

  • Onset eating disorders and depression

  • Positive self-talk and reinforcements

  • Optimize teammate and coach relationships

  • Family dynamics and balance

  • Managing school, training, and personal life

How Work with Us

For Sports Organizations, Gyms, and Dance Studios

  • Onsite group mindset coaching during training

  • Onsite individual mindset coaching in 30 minute sessions

  • Day-Of competition support

  • Provide regular health and nutrition guidance and plan individually or group session


Services are customizable. Schedule a virtual or in-person consultation (lunch on us) to see how we can work together.

For Families

  • Mindset Performance session packages available for 1 to 1 coaching and counseling

  • Day-of competition support

  • Athlete and sibling counseling

  • Custom nutrition and meal planning session

  • Body Image / Eating Disorder couseling


Above services for families are included in packages

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