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Inside Fitness Truths

At Inside Fitness, we believe that internal wellness is of paramount importance and that it is the driving force behind the quality of our external lives. Having a healthy emotional balance is reflected by an external life that is well balanced which often yields love, joy, peace and a healthy self-image.


Just like we work on our bodies by eating a healthy diet and exercising frequently, it is important to adapt the same approach towards our internal wellness. Unresolved emotional pain makes it difficult to obtain and maintain  a clear perspective on life or to engage in long term, meaningful relationships.

Inside Fitness uses an eclectic therapeutic approach which is person centered because we believe in unconditional love and providing a safe, judgement free place for individuals to open up and confront the challenges that are holding them back from being their authentic selves.  In addition to many other modalities, we also utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach because we believe that unhealthy behaviors are the keys that lead us to the root of our emotional challenges which are manifesting themselves as behavioral issues.

​​1) We are all special and unique individuals

Being unique makes us special and proves that each human being is a gift to the world. We shouldn’t define our worth and value based on life’s experiences or monetary worth. Without you, the world is missing a rare & unique gift.

2) We all are worthy to receive unconditional love


Unconditional Love is not earned, nor should it be based on zip codes, race, financial standing or other human existing prerequisites. Because you are human, you deserve to be loved. We are all worthy to receive love just because we are here on this earth.


3) We are all on a journey to becoming our authentic selves


The term " Authentic Self" refers to who we truly are at the soul level. Life’s experiences, positive or negative are a part of the process which we all go through in order to unveil our authentic self. Living as our authentic self attracts happiness, love, joy, peace and we attain the connection we desire with ourselves and others.

4) We possess internal strength


We are equipped with the resilience and the strength we need to walk through life.No matter how difficult life becomes, we should not be intimidated and succumb to fear. Life is rigged in our favor!!

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