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Honour Sithole, MA, LPC-S


Counseling and Coaching

with Honour

I am a licensed professional counselor-supervisor and founder of Inside Fitness Counseling in Frisco, Texas. I believe that internal wellness is of paramount importance and is directly related to the quality of our external lives.


Unfortunately, today, internal wellness is often overlooked, and the focus has shifted to external appearances, neglecting much-needed internal work. My main goal is to provide a judgment-free environment where unconditional love resides and where families, couples and individuals feel safe to work and resolve their life’s challenges and enjoy the liberation, joy and peace that come as a byproduct of internal wellness.


I have dedicated my life and my career to walking with individuals through their toughest moments. At my core, I get joy in seeing individuals overcome obstacles as they journey closer to becoming themselves while living fulfilling lives. Working with people has created an avenue for me to share love, give to others and learn about the amazing journeys that each of my clients is taking and the strength they possess.

Some of the Benefits of Working with Honour Sithole include:

Understanding your current relationship style and your behavioral pattern in relationships

Understanding your relationship influences and the impact of your family of origin

Developing your own identity in relationships

Exploring the silent contracts you make in relationships

Defining healthy boundaries

Establishing and maintaining a healthy sense of self

Learning how to attract the right partner

Learning to honor your voice

Developing healthy resolution skills

Learning how to grow and maintain healthy relationships

Redefining what relationships are to you

Understanding why you want to be in a relationship

Services for Individuals

Individual Counseling

Just as with a workout program, every now and then we need a personal trainer to step in and help us when nothing seems to work to bring about the results we want. At times on our individual journeys, we encounter challenges that leave us stuck and needing a friend to walk with us as we navigate through these difficult times.


In individual counseling, we begin by analyzing the symptoms of how the challenges are presenting themselves in your life. Common manifestations are depression, anxiety, stress, fear, feelings of low self-esteem and unworthiness and anger to name a few.


We work together with the client to identify the strengths and talents that have helped them overcome life challenges in the past and proceed on to determining the next steps to help them move forward on their journey.

Fee: $130 per session

Therapy Session.png

Divorce Recovery Counseling

The ending of a marriage can be an emotionally taxing experience, no matter how confident you are in your decision.


Divorce often brings a wide range of intense emotions, including grief, confusion, anxiety and guilt—particularly if children are involved.


Divorce recovery counseling helps individuals heal throughout their disunion by processing their emotions and developing valuable new coping skills.

Fee: $130 per session

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What is Divorce Recovery Counseling?

Divorce recovery counseling can be beneficial to anyone involved in the breakdown of marriage, including adults and children. Such counseling can be an invaluable tool for any divorced couple, whether they attend sessions individually or separately.


While many divorced couples who pursue counseling decide to do so individually, partnered therapy sessions can be a helpful means to mediate conflict, determine healthy boundaries and set guidelines for the future.


Divorce recovery refers to the process of emotional, mental and practical healing that takes place throughout every stage of a divorce. Divorce recovery, like any form of healing, is unique to each person. However, recovery often happens in four stages:

Stabilization: Turning to a support system and establishing coping skills can offer helpful stabilization during the initial healing phase.

Exploration: During this stage, many people examine what went awry in their marriage and what they want from their future.

Experimentation: This stage of divorce recovery may involve starting to seek a new relationship or pursuing life as an independent individual.

Regaining confidence: At this stage of recovery, you’re confident in your ability to accomplish your goals and pursue happiness on your own terms.

Services for Couples

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Couples Counseling

Relationships are like plants that require consistent care, nurturing and attention to blossom. Consistent nurturing will allow a relationship to grow freely and expand its roots. If the plant is potted, the roots will outgrow the pot and will require re-potting in order to provide additional room for the roots to grow for the plant to remain healthy.


A relationship requires work and attention. Conflict, misunderstanding, life experiences and differing value and belief systems can lead to communication challenges, eroding even the strongest relationships.

Initial Appointment Fee: $260

Per Session Fee: $175

Premarital Counseling

Unfortunately, most couples underestimate the need to prime their relationship for growth and spend far more time talking about, and planning for, their wedding day than they do for what comes after: the relationship that they expect to last a lifetime. Many couples never talk about the basics of maintaining a good relationship until after they are married. Often, they do so only once they've discovered that they're not necessarily in agreement about many key life issues. Pre-marital counseling provides a structured format to review the main areas that surprise couples, both as soon as they start talking about marriage and once the honeymoon is over.


I work with couples to explore the dreams, expectations, rules and unspoken requirements for a satisfying marriage that can grow and develop over a lifetime. Couples counseling encourages the understanding of how past experiences with parents and other partners shape expectations along with examining relationship skills and deficits. Together, we can explore your different personalities and communication styles in order to help you both learn better communication skills for the years ahead.

Initial Appointment Fee: $260

Per Session Fee: $175

Pre-Engagement Counseling

There's a difference between pre-engagement counseling and pre-marital counseling.


Once an engagement ring sits on a woman's finger, a dating couple usually loses any remaining objectivity about their relationship. Instead, the priority of their relationship becomes planning the wedding day.


To avoid this loss of objectivity, dating couples benefit from visiting a trained counselor who can help examine all aspects of their relationship.


I can ask the important character questions that you may have forgotten or have been afraid to ask.

Initial Appointment Fee: $260

Per Session Fee: $175

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