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80/20/100 Rule

Do you know the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet and exercise?  If your goal is to lose weight, remember this: diet is 80% food and nutrition and 20% exercise, but it also takes 100% accountability to succeed.

We've taken the guess work out of living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight -- let us help you be accountable on your health journey and choose the right meal plan to help you succeed.

We have an incredible accountability coaching program and have partnered with Diet To Go to help you crush your goals!



"It's not perfect, but it's good."




Adopting a new lifestyle and losing weight shouldn't be difficult. The thing is, all diets have the potential to work but for the yo-yo dieter it's a game of start and stop, or nothing is working, so you opt to try the next diet fad only to be disappointed, and disappointment does nothing for your motivation.

I developed the concept "The Good Body" because that's exactly what it is, a good body and we have to start treating it as such. There are 3-parts to the body, the mind, the core (internal/emotional), and the physical body. Most times when diets don't work is because these 3-parts are out of alignment.

The Good Body simplifies the process of alignment with science-backed methods to help clients get results fast.



The Good Body offers 2 levels of health coaching, Accountability and Comprehensive.


Structured around your health goals. Your coach will make sure you stay on track!


Your coach will help you through mental and emotional roadblocks, keep you accountable through the process to help you achieve your desired health goals.


In Partnership
DTG_Website Banner_wellness.png

Diet To Go offers 4 delicious and nutritious, award winning menus that is suited for all taste buds and dietary needs.

They were voted #1 in taste, beating out Jenny Craig, eDiets, Nutrisystem and Biggest Loser!  Each menu option is perfectly proportioned and can accommodate vegetarian, keto, diabetic, and balanced dietary needs.

Add a Diet To Go meal plan to any one of our levels of coaching for optimal results.


How It Works

  1.  Call Inside Fitness to schedule your initial appointment with our health coach.

  2. Initial appointment: review intake, take body metrics, set goals.

  3. With the help of your coach, choose the best Diet To Go meal plan that works for you (optional). Or you and your coach will customize a meal plan and schedule for you.

  4. Schedule your follow up appointment to help you stay on track!


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